Innovative Education Summits

Mental wellbeing should be the foundation for all education. Well Educated events provide educators and caregivers with practical tools and knowledge to help children and adolescents understand and develop their mental wellbeing.

Who We Are

Well Educated is an events company facilitating presentations and workshops for teachers and caregivers. Each event brings together world renown thought leaders and experts on mental wellness for young people and adolescents. We provide resources designed to give teachers and caregivers practical tools and knowledge to create a foundation of mental wellness upon which young people can learn and thrive.

Presentations will teach participants how to help children think, feel, connect and function optimally. Well Educated will provide workshops that help build resilience, positive relationships and demonstrate the ideal environment needed to ensure all young people grow and flourish.

We believe mental wellness should be the basic foundation upon which all education is built. Well Educated’s events will provide a framework for schools, teachers and caregivers to help children and adolescents understand what it means to feel good about themselves and within themselves and how important that is in order to contribute to society, realise academic and personal potential, and have a sense of fulfilment or coherence.

Well Educated will educate on core values that need to be at the very centre of all education: self-acceptance, self and co-regulation, growth, purpose, autonomy, environmental mastery, and positive relationships.

Well Educated aims to provide the initiative from which each caregiver, teacher and school can build upon through conscious, continued action.

Well Educated is run by Araminta Jonsson and Ida Freeman; both parents and champions of mental wellness.

Our Mission

Using workshops and events to equip all schools and caregivers with the necessary knowledge and understanding to ensure that mental wellness is cultivated in all schools and homes worldwide.

Upcoming Events

Reimagining the Culture Within School and Family Systems

We are excited to invite you to join our first Innovative Education Summit at The Elms in Colwall, Uk.

We would love to hear from you

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